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Looking for someone who doesn't mind being a driver on our adventure in #vanlife (or #suvlife, I have seizures so I can't drive.) I would prefer a male companion. I want to maybe start with Route 66 and go from there, but I'm not totally set so we can figure it out together. I'm a smoker (I know, it's horrible, isn't it?), I have a few health issues, and I have 2 cats along for the ride so there you go. I'm still trying to get the car ready and work out storage and all, but I kinda gotta know who I'm traveling with to do that all the way. I am a licensed therapist so, I'm a good listener and keeper of secrets. I'd prefer a vet as I think that would could figure out how not to die in case of emergency. Tell me about yourself!

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From Indianapolis ; 39 Years Old


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I like to paint, draw, journal, blog, write poetry/lyrics (I can't write music yet, but, would like to learn), and would be content to sit and relax in... see more
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