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My GAFFL is tied to an email that I don't check every day - I sometimes take a while to respond. No guarantees on schedule, but if it works out I'll help you out with a ride or advice about the area and a possible place to crash for the night if we've met up before. I don't partake in 420 and that's a deal-breaker for couch-surfing but not for a ride. For general stuff in Denver, I'm not going to be much better than google, but I can add some context. If you've got questions about snowmobiling, sailing, or skydiving in Colorado, I can help with that.

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From Denver ; 46 Years Old


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Hi I'm Bryce. I'm from the states originally - Utah - and have been back in the states about 10 years, living in Colorado; I was an expat before that... see more
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