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Cleveland Heights

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I'm a lifelong native of Cleveland, Ohio, US. I absolutely love it here. We have one of the best Museums in the world with the Cleveland Museum of Art. It's truly a marvel. There are *many* outdoor activities, as we have one of the best metropolitan park systems there is! We also have our very own National Park just 30 minutes south of here: the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area, a huge ancient glacial valley with beautiful sights and lots of history. Speaking of history: Ohio, being a place of major importance in Native American history, has many many historic and archaeological sites dating back thousands of years, including countless earthworks and preserved settlement ruins. One of the coolest places to see is Serpent Mound in southern Ohio. Please feel free to reach out for info, or if you want to get together and explore!

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Hi! My name is David. After working on myself, building my career, getting through my education, and generally getting my life together, I've decided... see more
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