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We have hundreds of miles of lakefront and trails and green space. It's just a nice place to stay between Baltimore or Washington DC. Maryland is an amazing state with the Chesapeake bay (and very different vibe, Eastern Shore) to the east and mountains to the west. I could help a single travel with a futon in my LR for a couple of nights and show you around. Happy to pick you up or drop you off for whatever. There aren't really sights to see here, more a cool community to live and wander. We are consistently listed as one of the best places to live in the US and a gateway city for trains and buses up and down the east coast as well.

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From Columbia ; 77 Years Old

Ann von Lossberg

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I’ve traveled a lot. There’s no doubt I feel the most alive when I’m moving and the last two years have been tough. Don't have a travel buddy anymore and... see more
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