Cairns Is Calling! These Are Some Travelers You Can Meet Up With For Your Trip To Cairns
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8th Dec | 5 min read

If you’re headed up to Cairns in the days ahead and you’re looking for travel mates to join you along the way, these are some great trips that you can look into.

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🌴🚘East coast road trip  

Kim's GAFFL Profile: Hello! I’m a huge traveller from South Korea🌎 I love to meet people from different cultures and talk together! I was an exchange student in U of A, Canada and now doing working holiday in Australia. I love nature, swimming and partying too🤣 Let’s go for the adventure

Trip Details: Hello! I’m working in Brisbane atm. But I’d like to travel from Brisbane to the North through east coastline after my work finished on 24 May! For now I have no specific plan, so super flexible 😂 I don’t have a car so hopefully I can join someone who has a car and do some fun roadtrip together!

East coast ☀️

Trip Details: Heyy, I am looking for travelmates to go up the east coast with✨🥰I was planning on going mid June or beginning of July. Hopefully the restrictions will ease till then🙏🏾I am a German girl and currently working as an aupair in Newcastle.🙈

Cairns's road trip

Michael's GAFFL Profile: I'm in Australia since December, I've been in 10 countries, I like to learn new things and improve my skills. I have my own 4x4 with rooftent. I've been isolated in a cattle farm during the covid-19. I like photography and video, cooking, listening music, share experiences, binge watching and I'm open minded.

Trip Details: FLEXIBLE DATE Hit the road from Brissy to Cairns and stop on many spot as Frazer island, Noosa, White Sundays etc

From Sydney to Cairns

Trip Details: Hey guys ! We are three french friends and we wanted to travel from Sydney to Cairns in July. Were looking for other travelers for make the road together. Let me me know if you are interested 🙃

Noosa - Cairns travel mates wanted

Trip Details: I’m currently in Noosa Heads looking to finish the rest of the East Coast and head north to Cairns. I don’t currently have a car but I’m willing to rent/share petrol expenses. Looking to leave ASAP for a 2 week road trip. Let me know if you’re headed in the same direction and have some room for one more 😊 can also pm me for a chat / meet up as I’m currently travelling alone and open to different adventures. Thanks!

Brisbane to cairns

Michel's GAFFL Profile: I am a 22 year old guy. I have been in Brisbane the last couple of months and now want to see this beautiful country. I am easy going like to go hiking, going to national parks, nice beaches and ofcourse to party.

Trip Details: I would like to go on an easy trip at the west coast starting from around Brisbane up the way to Cairns. To stop on the great national parks, beaches, towns and other great hotspots. Let me know if you up. I have to finisch my internship first at the third of july and from then on i am free to go.

Australian camper van trip

Trip Details: One year to travel Australia, looking for a travel buddy with a camper van willing to share costs.

Roadtrip Brisbane-Cairns - travelmate

Susanne's GAFFL Profile: Hi, I am Susanne, a 20 years old German girl and currently working as an Au Pair. I will start my travels mid July and am always keen to meet new people on my trip, share good vibes, fun and lots of experiences. I am an easygoing person and love any kind of sports and being in the nature. 🌏🌞

Trip Details: Hi everyone, I'm Susanne and want to travel up the east coast starting in Brisbane around mid July. I'm still looking for travelmates to share good music, memories and fun with. I don't have a car but would be keen on hiring a vehicle and share the costs. I'm easygoing, love seeing the nature Australia has to offer and like partying. If you have similar plans and are interested, I'm looking forward to hearing from you ☺️

East coast trip 

Eléonore's GAFFL Profile: Hey ! I am looking for travel mates to travel the east cost at the end of July/beginning of August. Maybe we could continue on the west cost too. 🌼

Trip Details: Looking for travel mates to travel the east cost from the end of July/beginning of June. We could rent a van.

East coast roadtrip from Melbourne

Trip Details: Hey friends and potential travel mates, I hope everyone’s doing well and happy that we have finally almost kicked the shit out of Corona. I’m an adventurous soul who graduated from Melbourne Uni last year. Been in Oz for the past 3 years. Recently, I’ve decided to quit my job at the end of July and I intend to do a 45 day East Coast Trip ( 2nd August - Mid Sep I guess) I am potentially looking for 2 more people as I’d rather have space in the car for ourselves and our stuff rather than us being cramped up during a long trip. I have my own car, an Audi A4 and I am happy to use it for our venture. We can create our own plan as per our preferences although I intend to cover pretty much most of the well known places during our trip. The plan is to start in Melbourne and go all the way up to Cairns (and come down the East Coast) or vice versa. My friends know that I am pretty respectful and I’d expect you to be the same. I’m pretty chilled out and a lot of fun once I get to know you well, you can expect loads of Techno and Psytrance when we are driving ahahahha. We shall be sharing the fuel expenses and car service expenses ( once every 8000 kms), I don’t want any rent from you coz we’re using my car. What I care about more is having a sick time. We can camp on some days, stay in hostels on some. Approx Expenses for a 45 day trip ( 2 people trip - 3k-3.2k , 3 people- 2.4k-2.7k) Could be cheaper as well IDK, just made it up by taking the estimates of the previous trips as a benchmark) I’ll stop here and if anyone’s keen about details about the trip (places to be visited, expenses etc) please PM me. Take care all ya Gods and Goddesses !!!!!

Tired of traveling alone? Connect with users from over 190 countries to plan trips and travel together!