Kevin & Kathy

Kevin & Kathy are professional hikers who have hiked 484,000-foot mountains in New Hampshire and 674,000-foot mountains in New England. They are a New-England based married couple who love traveling and hiking domestically and internationally. As two educators (Kevin is a middle school science teacher and Kathy is a Ph.D. candidate in higher education), they feel lucky to have school breaks that allow them to travel together! Kathy is always on the move, balancing a job and school commitments. Although she enjoys being a teacher, finding time for self-care may be difficult. She first discovered the meditative benefits of yoga a decade ago but Kevin introduced her to hiking years later. Kevin, A teacher who got his first taste of backpacking while supervising student excursions. He spent days hiking with his students, learning outdoor skills, and deciding to go out and explore as much as possible. Moving across space under his own strength makes him feel the greatest, both physically and mentally.


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