Highway 1 Roadtrip

Trip Completed

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, California, United States
From Jun 4, 2018 to Jun 7, 2018

Trip Details

We have a van and room for more people to join! We would love to share expenses like food and gas. We have equipment for everyone who wants to tag along, like sleeping bags, mattresses and tents. We also have a cute dog!

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Trip created by Sun
From Monterey, CA, USA ; 27 Years Old


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We are a multicultural couple who love to travel and want you to join in our adventures! This summer we are packing up our brand new 1990 converted van and hitting highway 1. We’ll be exploring coveted outdoor favorites from hikes to campsites. Whether you’re a newbie to the traveler nation or a seasoned backpacker vet, you’re totally invited. As long... see more
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