Hawaii-Island Hopping to Maui, Molokai, Kauai and Oahu 😊

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Maui, Hawaii, United States
From Aug 26, 2018 to Sep 23, 2018

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Hello travelers 🌎 ,

i am the next month in hawaii 🌺 and want

to visit some Islands 🌴 like Maui, Molokai, Kauai and Oahu. Start my trip in Maui and it should end in Oahu. The time between i am flexible and i search for someone which want to come with me, do some hike‘s, enjoy the nature, laying on the beach, discover some cities and rent a car to drive along the coast.

I am basicly staying in hostel and search for low budgets room which i also want to share with you. 

If you are interesing, write me and tell what you want to see!

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Trip created by Nora
From Wailuku, Hawaii, USA ; 25 Years Old


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Hello girls and guys 🤗 i am a german student and want explore with my backpack the world. My last country's were Peru and Colombia. Love photography, love the nature and i want to share my travel experience with someone:)
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