A spiritual quest.

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Mount Shasta, California, United States
From Mar 9, 2019 to Sep 30, 2019 (Flexible)

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I want to follow the warm weather and travel the southwest United States make our way through California and Oregon. I want to be at Mt. Shasta CA by late spring. Just looking for my soul tribe. Wanting to go out with very little money. 

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Trip created by Love
From Berthoud, CO, USA ; 46 Years Old


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I am a nomadic spiritual hippie. I am looking for others who are on the same path. I am an inuitive empathic energy healer. Just going where I feel called to. Right now I feel like traveling through the the southwest and Oregon and end up at Mt. Shasta. I am wanting to connect with my soul tribe. Putting my trust in the universe. Peace and love to you.
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